Oven cleaning with Dr. Beckmann Oven Cleaner Gel

Dr. Beckmann Oven Cleaner Gel

  • Powerful against burnt-in material
  • Quick-acting formula
  • Gel clings to vertical surfaces
  • Also suitable for barbecue grills, pans and fireplace panels
  • Without stinging fumes
  • 375 ml
Original German Quality


This oven cleaner reliably removes stubborn deposits, burnt-in materials and grease contaminations.

The gel formula also clings to vertical surfaces, penetrates into the lowest layers of even thick crusts and is also material-friendly. The Dr. Beckmann oven cleaner is also suitable for barbecue grills, pans and fireplace panels. It is odourless and safe for use in food and kitchen areas.

Important Notes

  • Shake well before use
  • Do not spray into fan openings and ducts
  • Rinse the spray nozzle after use
  • Please observe the device manufacturer's instructions

Not suitable for

  • Aluminium
  • Plastic
  • Painted/damaged areas
  • Galvanized sheet metal


How it works

  • Spray surfaces evenly. Close the oven.
  • Let it react for 20 minutes. For a heavy soiling also longer.
  • Rinse well with fresh water and a sponge.

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The Dr. Beckmann Promise

For all products, we guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. We respect our environment and act responsibly with raw materials. We are also committed that all detergent substances are biodegradable. We reduce transport routes by production in Germany and neighboring EU countries. All Dr. Beckmann products are therefore certified under the EU Charter Initiative for Sustainable Cleaning

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