For cleaning barbecues, grids & trays

Dr. Beckmann Barbecue Cleaner Active Gel

  • Extra powerful against burnt-on food, encrustations and fat
  • Food safe
  • No irritant vapours
  • Odourless
  • With fast-acting formula
Original German Quality


The odourless gel formula cuts even through tough burnt-on food and clings also to vertical surfaces. It removes stubborn and encrusted residues as well as grease easily and reliably. At the same time it is gentle to the material and ideal for cleaning barbecues, grids and trays. Without aggressive/harmful vapours.

Suitable for

  1. Dr. Beckmann Barbecue Cleaner Active Gel is suitable for cleaning barbecues, grids & trays

Not suitable for

  1. Do not spray into openings or slits. Do not use on lacquered or damaged surfaces, plastic or aluminium surfaces.

How it works

Shake well before use!

  • Evenly spray onto cold surfaces.
  • Leave to work for at least 20 minutes, when heavily soiled longer. Do not allow to dry.
  • Clean well with water and sponge.
  • Then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Repeat procedure if necessary.
  • Rinse the nozzle after usage.

Note: Clean on insensitive surfaces only. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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The Dr. Beckmann Promise

For all products, we guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. We respect our environment and act responsibly with raw materials. We are also committed that all detergent substances are biodegradable. We reduce transport routes by production in Germany and neighboring EU countries. All Dr. Beckmann products are therefore certified under the EU Charter Initiative for Sustainable Cleaning

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