Feel fresh and confident in any occasion

Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover

  • Removes persistent odours fibre-deep
  • Prevents newly emerging odours while wearing
  • Releases a sense of freshment with every movement
  • Skin compatibility is dermatologically tested
  • 500 ml
Original German Quality


Bad smells can be very unpleasant and persistent. Sometimes they are not completely removed during the normal washing cycle, or quickly re-emerge.

The Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover actively removes stubborn sweat, nicotine or musty odours from deep within the fibres with its anti-odour complex formula. At the same time freshness depot capsules attach to the fibres and break open when the garments are worn. Thus newly emerging odours can be neutralized before they can attach to the fibres. A sense of freshness will be released with every movement.

Ban unpleasant odours from your laundry with regular use.

Suitable for :

  • All textiles (e.g. functional wear, synthetics, wool and silk)
  • All temperatures
  • Use with any detergent

How it works

  • Add 1 capful (35 ml) into the fabric-softener compartment of the washing machine. If necessary (very full drum or very strong odours), increase the dosage.
  • Add detergent as usual and start the wash cycle.

Helpful Tips

  • Do not add other liquid products in the fabric-softener compartment.
  • Follow the care symbols of your fabrics.

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The Dr. Beckmann Promise

For all products, we guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. We respect our environment and act responsibly with raw materials. We are also committed that all detergent substances are biodegradable. We reduce transport routes by production in Germany and neighboring EU countries. All Dr. Beckmann products are therefore certified under the EU Charter Initiative for Sustainable Cleaning

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