Makes ironing quicker & easier

Dr. Beckmann Spray-Starch Easy Ironing

  • For a crisp, fresh finish
  • Keeps clothes crease free for longer
  • For effortless ironing
  • Double-acting formula for optimum performance
  • 500 ml
Original German Quality


Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch Easy Ironing combines two effective processes in one, making ironing easier than ever.

The innovative formula creates natural tension, and simultaneously ensures easy smoothing of stubborn creases and wrinkles. You can even remove ironed-in creases, and the flattening of the fibres helps prevent new wrinkles as well as repelling dirt.

Gives your textiles perfect, controlled body and a crease-free finish for a well-groomed look and comfortable feel. It also comes with a delicate, fresh scent.

How it works

  • Shake before use
  • Spray the fabric evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm, use more on shirt collars, cuffs and button strips until starched to your requirements
  • Iron as usual

Helpful Tips

  • Suitable for all washable textiles made of natural fibres, synthetic fibres or blends.
  • Not suitable for wool, silk, silk-like synthetics (e.g. viscose, acetate) and dry-clean-only textiles.
  • Always follow garment care label instructions.
  • If ironing delicate or dark textiles, test first on a concealed area.

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The Dr. Beckmann Promise

For all products, we guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness. We respect our environment and act responsibly with raw materials. We are also committed that all detergent substances are biodegradable. We reduce transport routes by production in Germany and neighboring EU countries. All Dr. Beckmann products are therefore certified under the EU Charter Initiative for Sustainable Cleaning

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