Stains from A to Z

Stains from A to Z - from experts for experts

All kinds of different stains are lurking everywhere. We prepared a Stain SOS that lists the most common stains so that you will find easily which Stain Expert you need to remove each stain. Simply download the PDF file:


Useful tips for stain removal

All stain Experts are suitable for washable textiles as well as non-washable textiles such as blazers, costumes, suits and coats. In order to successfully remove stains, please mind the following advice:

  • The sooner a stain is treated, the easier it can be removed. For very recent and frequent stains, you can also apply a pre-wash product. 
  • Always remove stains before the washing process, so stains cannot be washed in / fixed onto the textiles.
  • Before using the product, perform a check for discolouration and compatibility. on a concealed part of the fabric.
  • Mind the care symbols of the textiles. 
  • Don’t do a stain treatment on sensitive surfaces.
  • Use a suitable base/underlay, e.g. saucer or a clean cloth.