How to remove mold or mildew

Removal of mildew and mould stains on clothing

Forgot the towel in the gym bag? Overlooked a sweaty shirt in the laundry bag? Folded laundry that was not completely dry and placed it by mistake in the closet? Not enough ventilation in the bathroom? It can that happen.

The result however isn’t that beautiful: Mildew or also mould stains. However, Dr. Beckmann offers the right solution for these problems.


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Our solution for mould and mildew stains

Mildew and mould stains on washable on non-washable textiles will be effectively removed with Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Tea & Juice.


  • Keep humidity low, use a dehumidifier if necessary.
  • Avoid temperatures above 8° during storage
  • Do not place furniture and boxes directly against the wall (do not place boxes directly on the floor).
  • Prevent high humidity with intermittent ventilation
  • Hang up damp laundry or sweaty clothes.

Good to know

By all means, clean clothing and textiles that show mildew stains very thoroughly, because moisture stains are not only an optical problem - they can cause allergies and endanger your health.
Some mildew stains are black and may form in tile joints or in silicone cracks. They can be attributed almost exclusively to the subtype “Aspergillus Niger”, the black mould. Unfortunately, there is just one remedy: Chlorine - it is aggressive but effective in this particular case.

Our Expert Tips

Our solution for mould and mildew stains