For all standard & fully automatic coffee machines

Dr. Beckmann Coffee Machine Cleaning Tabs

Content: 6 Pieces

  • Removes coffee grease and oil 
  • With active oxygen
  • For all types of coffee machines: Espresso machines, full/semi-automatic coffee machines and screen-filter devices, as well as for thermos container and coffee pots
  • Suitable for AEG, Bosch, Jura, Saeco, Siemens, Senseo and many more


For the perfect coffee enjoyment and a long service life of the machine, it is important to perform a regular cleaning of the machine. Because each time the coffee machine is used greases and oils will deposit, which could subsequently impair the operation of the machine. Dr. Beckmann coffee machine cleaning tabs remove all kinds of coffee residues and thereby reliably protect your coffee machine

Useful tips

  • Please observe the operating instructions of the device manufacturer.

How it works

Fully-automatic coffee machines with a cleaning program

  1. Please follow the operating instructions of the device manufacturer

Fully-automatic coffee machines with a powder compartment

  1. Place the tablet into the compartment for the pre-ground coffee, place a cup under the spout, and start the pre-ground coffee brewing process
  2. After the cup of water is filled halfway, switch off the machine for 8 minutes (with the main switch), then turn it back on and complete the cycle
  3. Repeat this brewing process (without a tab) at least 3 times
  4. Afterwards, remove the brewing component and rinse well with clear water.
    Before the machine is used again, let two cups of water run through without coffee powder

Machines without a powder compartment (e.g. pad-machines)

  1. Dissolve a tablet in a container with warm water
  2. Remove the brewing component. Clean the discharge channel and the filters with the prepared cleaning solution and a sponge or brush, and let it react for 5 minutes
  3. Repeat the cleaning process at least 3 times. Afterwards, rinse the brewing component well with clear water and reinsert
  4. To clean the drip tray (for the above mentioned device types), place one tablet into the drip tray and fill up to 2/3 with warm water
  5. Let it react for approx. 30 min

Screen-filter devices

  1. Before the cleaning, switch off the machine and allow it to cool down (danger of burns)
  2. Remove the brewing head, filters and the filter carrier, and place them into a container
  3. Add the tablet and fill with warm water
    After a reaction time of 30 minutes, rinse all the parts well with clear water and reinsert
  4. Before using the machine again let a cup of water run through

Thermos container / coffee pots

  1. Place a tablet into the thermos container or coffee pot, fill to 2/3 with hot water and let it react for 30 minutes; then rinse thoroughly