Fridge Cleaner with bio-ethanol

Dr. Beckmann Fridge & Microwave Hygiene Cleaner

Content: 250 ml

  • Cleans hygienically with bio-ethanol
  • Removes odours and light icing.
  • Simple and easy to use: spray, wipe, clean.
  • For refrigerators, freezers and bags, microwaves, work areas, pantries, etc.


Where food is stored or prepared, a deep and thorough cleanliness is essential. A regular cleaning of refrigerators, microwave ovens, work areas etc. is extremely important. Dr. Beckmann Fridge & Microwave Hygiene Cleaner with bio-ethanol will quickly ensure thorough cleanliness in the and around the refrigerator

How it works

  1. Spray onto surface
  2. For dried soiling it might be necessary to soak briefly
  3. Wipe and dry