100% Laundry Perfume, 0% Softener!

Dr. Beckmann Laundry Perfume

Content: 250 ml

  • Laundry scents with encapsulated perfume 
  • Suitable for all fabrics, even microfibre & functional wear
  • Concentrated formulation
  • For use in the washing machine or tumble dryer 
  • Available in the variant of …(Spring Meadow, Rose Dream, Magic Summer)
  • Dermatologically tested


Dr. Beckmann Laundry Perfumes "Spring Meadow", “Rose Dream” and “Magic Summer” provide your fabrics with a long-lasting, fresh fragrance day after day. The specially encapsulated laundry perfumes give off their fragrance not only directly after a wash, but also when you take your clothes out of the wardrobe and wear them. With every movement and through friction, small amounts of fragrance are released to pamper you – day by day.

The special feature about the Dr. Beckmann Laundry Perfumes is that they are suitable for all types of fabrics. Even for fabrics made of microfiber and functional wear, as the Laundry Perfumes from Dr. Beckmann contain no fabric conditioners. They can be used in the washing machine and/or tumble dryer.


How it works

  1. Spray the fragrance twice or three times into the washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser. For a more intensive smell, simply add more