Removes 100+ stains even stubborn & dried-in stains


Dr. Beckmann Stain Remover Oxi Power Foam

Content: 500 ml

  • Removes 100+ stains even stubborn & dried-in stains
  • For all colours & everyday textiles 
  • Foam with Oxi-power
  • Works at temperatures from 20 °C
  • The formula is dermatologically tested


The powerful OXI formula removes over 100 stubborn stains like bleachable (like coffee, tea, red wine, fruit), coloured and fat stains.
The activating foam can be applied precisely on the stain. It develops its stain removing power immediately and lifts stains fiber deep out of the textiles. 
Even dried in stains can be removed easily

Useful tips

  • Always perform the stain removal before the washing.

  • Observe the care symbols of the textiles.

How it works

  1. Apply the formula on the stain
  2. Leave to work for max. 10 min
  3. Wash as normal