Specific Stain Remover for Deodorant and Sweat Stains

Dr. Beckmann Stain Spray Deo & Sweat

Content: 250 ml

  • With anti-deodorant & anti- odour complex
  • Eliminates tough deodorant patches & stains of perspiration
  • Actively removes the smell of perspiration
  • A regular use prevents formation of new residues
  • For white and coloured textiles


Over the time residues of deodorants and sweat produce persistent and incrusted stains. Additionally a smell of perspiration is not only locked in the stain but also in the fibres. Both cannot be sufficiently removed with general products during the washing cycle.

Washing detergents or general stain removers generally do not contain/ or don’t contain enough of the required active ingredient for such a stains. Thus stains and the smell of perspiration are getting more intensive with each wearing. The specific and tailor-made anti-deodorant & anti-odour complex eliminates all residues effectively.

The formula is gentle to colours and fibres and thus can be used on white & coloured textiles.

Used before each washing Dr. Beckmann Stain Spray Deo & Sweat prevents building up of new residues and odours.

Not suitable for:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Leather

Useful tips

  • Before using the product, perform a check for discolouration and compatibility on a concealed part of the fabric.

  • Observe the care symbols of the textiles.

How it works

  1. Moisten the stain well and leave to work for 10 minutes
  2. For very persistent stains up to 30 min
  3. Do not let it dry. Then wash as normal


The Stain Expert Rust & Deodorant has not removed the sweat stains. A yellow edge has remained. Why and what can I do?

Sweat stains consist of several components. The odor-inhibiting components from a deodorant are removed with this stain Expert, but the other components are not, because they can be quite different depending on the deodorant. You can try to remove the yellowish edge of sweat with the Stain Expert Tea& Juice according to the soaking method.