Remove Carrot stains. Carrot stains from baby clothes.

Spills allowed, even with carrots!

Oh dear, of all things a carrot stain! This is probably the first thought of all parents, when carrots or carrot mash hits the clothes of the little ones and at the same time stain Mum's blouse, Dad’s shirt or the tablecloth. But it is no reason to take that healthy vegetable off your menu. Whether carrot stains, mashed potato stains or carrot juice stains,

Dr. Beckmann has the right solution for the orange culprits, it doesn’t matter on what textiles.

We compiled below a table with when you should use Dr. Beckmann

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No chance for carrot stains

Carrots, yellow turnips, carrot mash, carrot juice & similar stains

Small carrot stains, carrot mash stains or carrot juice stains can be best removed with Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Tea & Juice. It dissolves the beta-carotene on washable as well as on non-washable textiles.

For sensitive fabrics such as silk, viscose or (virgin) wool, the Roll-On is the ideal product.



Good to know

Depending on the region, the carrot is also called Queen’s lace, Chantenay, Danvers, Imperator and Nantes carrot or yellow turnip.
No matter what name it is called, it contains many healthy substances. It promotes for example haematosis, teeth development, cell formation and supports the immune system. The main reason for this is the carotene in carrots, which also provides this vegetable with its orange colour. Beta-carotene is fat soluble, and thus, the human body accepts it more easily when consumed with fats. It is recommended to eat carrots with cheese or fry them gently in a little bit of oil. However, it is particularly difficult to remove carotene in form of a carrot or carrot juice stain from textiles. As carotene is not light-stable, carrot stains, which may be still slightly visible even after a treatment, can be bleached in the sun.

Our solution for your carrot and yellow turnip stains