How do I get rid of oil stains?

Oil stains? - No thanks.

Whether frying in the kitchen, on the bike or during DIY work - everything going swimmingly. Except for the nasty oil stains! But it is no reason to get upset: Whether roasting or cooking oil, bicycle oil, engine or lubricating oil, Dr. Beckmann has the right solution for each oil stain.

We compiled below a clearly arranged table when you should use Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Curry & Cooking Oil and ubricants & Oils and when to use the Pre-Wash brush to remove stains most effectively. 

Remove the oil stains

Cooking oil stains

Splashes of fat from olive, roasting or other edible oils can be best removed with Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Curry & Cooking Oil. It dissolves the oil stain on washable as well as on non-washable textiles.
The Stain Remover Power-Brush helps with larger stains. For oil stains on washable, sensitive fabrics such as silk, viscose or (virgin) wool, the Pre-Wash spray is the ideal product.

Industry oil stains

Stains caused by lubricants, motor, bicycle, engine or heating oil are reliably removed with Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Lubricants & Oils, regardless of whether the fabric is washable or not.
With oil stains on functional clothing, only the Stain Remover Power-Brush should be used. It solves the stains effectively and gently without damaging the delicate membrane. Even with larger stains, it works perfectly.