A radiantly white laundry – wash after wash

Dr. Beckmann Active White Sheets

Content: 15 Sheets

  • Practical whitening sheets
  • With active white formula
  • Against greying and yellowing
  • Increases the brightness of all white garments
  • For a long-lasting and bright white
  • For regular use
  • Effective above 20°C


Through numerous washing cycles and residues in the detergent solution, white textiles will turn greyish over time. An unsightly yellowish tint can develop if textiles are stored for a prolonged time. The Dr. Beckmann Active White Sheets with their sophisticated combination of optical brighteners, reliably counteract greying and yellowing and will turn white laundry radiantly white again

Not suitable for:

  • Not suitable for textiles that were in contact with sun protection products

Useful tips

  • Please observe the operating instructions of the device manufacturer.

How it works

  1. Fill the washing machine with white laundry. Dispense detergent as usual
  2. Insert an Active White Sheet directly into the drum. Starting the washing program
  3. After the wash cycle, simply dispose of the sheet in the household waste