Eliminates odours and grease

Dr. Beckmann Dishwasher Hygiene Cleaner

Content: 75 g ℮

  • Hygienically cleans the inside of your machine
  • Removes odours and grease
  • Cleans, freshens and maintains
  • Preserves machine performance 


During every wash cycle dirt, grease and residues can settle in hidden or hard-to-reach areas like water-jets, tubes and pipes. Over time, these deposits can lead to unpleasant odours and malfunction.

Dr. Beckmann Dishwasher Hygiene Cleaner protects your appliance:

  1. Joints and sealings are cleaned with the special wipe.
  2. The powder hygienically cleans the dishwasher and reliably eliminates odours.

Thus, cleaning performance is preserved.


How it works

  1. Clean the rubber seals and edges of the dishwasher with the towel
  2. If the machine is empty: Fill the dispensing compartment for tabs/powder to the maximum level with the powder and sprinkle the rest onto the inner bottom of the machine. Do not add any dishwashing detergent!
  3. Start the wash cycle (at least 60 °C). After the cleaning, the dishwasher will ready for operation again immediately


Is Activated Carbon harmful for my machine? Does it build up inside the Washing Machine?

Although it is solid, Activated Carbon has no abrasive effect and does not damage the surfaces of the washing machine, pipes or seals. Due to its light weight there is no risk to build up inside the machine – it will be drained.