Special stain remover for adhesive, colour, nail polish and chewing gum stains.

Dr. Beckmann Stain Expert Office & Hobby

Content: 50 ml

  • With an extra dissolving power
  • Removes chewing gum, adhesive, paint, stains of printer cartridges and nail polish stains from garments
  • Also suitable for the removal of label remains on non-sensitive surfaces such as glass and porcelain 
  • Suitable for washable and non-washable textiles
  • Protects colours and fabrics


The Stain Expert Office & Hobby is specifically designed for the properties of highly adhesive stains. The formula with an extra strong dissolving power penetrates the stain and the fabric, thus enabling a dissolving of the stain. This is applies for chewing gum, adhesive or nail polish stains as well as for a range of other stains.

Ideal for:

  • Tinting paint
  • Cover paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Opaque white
  • Printer cartridges
  • Labels
  • Colour
  • Rubber solution
  • Wood protection paints/glaze
  • Chewing gum
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesives (solvent-containing, no superglue)
  • Lacquer paint
  • Nail Polish
  • Stamp colour
  • "Tipp-Ex"
  • Wall colour 
  • Window colour

Not suitable for:

  • Leather
  • Carpets
  • Viscose
  • Modal
  • Acetate-containing textiles

How to remove stains?

Dr. Beckmann Stain Experts offer the right solution.

Useful tips

  • The sooner a stain is treated, the easier it can be removed.

  • Before using the product, perform a check for discolouration and compatibility on a concealed part of the fabric.

  • Observe the care symbols of the textiles.

  • Do not carry out a stain treatment on sensitive surfaces.

  • Use a suitable underlayment, such as a saucer or clean towel.

  • Do not allow the stain treated with Stain Expert Liquid to dry out during product application.

How it works

washable textiles

  1. Thoroughly soak the stain with the Stain Experts liquid, cover and let it react until the stain has started to dissolve or can be removed
  2. Thoroughly dab-out the stain area with a cloth
  3. Afterwards, wash the textiles as usual
  4. If necessary, additionally treat paint stains with detergent

non-washable textiles

  1. Thoroughly soak the stain with the Stain Experts liquid, cover and let it react until the stain has started to dissolve or can be removed
  2. After the above-mentioned stain removal completely dab-out the stain area with a damp cloth


What are indanthren colours?

Indanthren colours are dyes with a high colour-fastness and colour durability, which cannot be removed.

What is stain soap?

Stain soap consists of soap and an extract from the gall-bladder of an animal, which is industrially produced according to high quality standards. The purpose of the gall-bladder is to emulsify fats and to make them soluble in water

After treating my blazer with the Dr. Beckmann Stain Roller the stain was gone, but now a wide border is visible. What can I do?

The development of the border is attributable to an incomplete dabbing out of the dissolved stain together with the active ingredients of the Roll-On from Dr. Beckmann. Please dab out the treated area with a damp cloth extensively and thoroughly. Additionally, place an absorbent kitchen paper under the treated area, so that it can absorb the stain and product residues. When all residues are removed, there won't be a border after the drying.