Maintains whiteness


Dr. Beckmann Super White

Content: 2 washes (80 g)

  • Maintains whiteness and keeps whites newer for longer 
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Already effective as of 20 °C
  • Free from chlorine bleach


Dr. Beckmann Super White powder with the Active White Formula prevents from greying and yellowing and maintains the brilliance of your whites, without harming fibres or textiles. Ideal to be used with every wash to enjoy a bright white. Works for all textiles, cycles and temperatures, even low and does not contain chlorine bleach. 


Not suitable for:

  • Stain removal for suntan lotion
  • Self-tanner
  • New wool
  • New silk


Useful tips

  • For all detergents and all washing temperatures above 20 °C (the higher the temperature, the better the result)

  • Never apply the powder directly onto the laundry

  • Always check the care symbols of the textiles

  • Store the opened packaging in a cool and dry place

  • Also suitable for white textiles with colour components

How it works

  1. Fill your washing machine and add detergent as recommended.
  2. Add half of the powder to the detergent drawer. If using liquid detergents place the dosing ball in the drum
  3. Start the desired washing cycle.


I used Dr. Beckmann Super White and my laundry is now slightly yellowish. What is the cause of this?

This is probably because you used too much detergent in combination with Super White. Through this, textiles can turn yellowish instead of bright white. You can remove the yellowish tint with a colour run remover, for example, with Dr. Beckmann Colour Run Remover using the soaking method.